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Latest Wave: MaydayMay 01, 2020
Ecstasy Radio: Mayday
Ecstasy Radio: Mayday

Deep Spring Rhythms under Quarantine  59mins

Mayday... felt like an appropriate title in the dual-reality springtime we are living...

This is a live mix from a recent Nu-Movements Online session, moving through a fairly strong arc of interwoven electronic and organic sounds, with some African medicine in the blend.
It's the DJ mix of the wave from the second hour of the class; there's no spoken facilitation.
For a recording of a whole class including facilitation, warm-up and body parts meditation, go to the Live Sessions archive.
To join a session live, go to https://bookwhen.com/dancingtao for the whole dancingTao programme.

Orange blossom image by Matt Shearing, thank you webmaestro

Big thanks and love also to all the dancingTao family who show up again and again in collective leadership, support and creative collaboration.